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Playing Place: Southern California Sports

For Immediate Release: Playing Place: Southern California Sports opened Saturday September 15, 2007 and will run until August 25, 2008. This program explores Southern California’s vast history of sports through conceptions of play, leisure & competition. Playing Place, Southern California Sports traces the countless individuals who have shaped and make local history in sports history and feature local sports, athletes, and coaches who have made the region a physical fitness center. In addition to looking at many sports, this exhibit explores the role of sports in public expression, particularly for groups denied a voice in mainstream society throughout history. This participatory exhibit includes

Timeline: A 40' timeline that tracks sports over time and its role in building community and expressing politics. In addition to sports that are popular right now, this exhibit recovers activities that may no longer enjoy the same popularity as they once did like bowling and boxing.

LA Pinball Machine: the first of its kind, this pinball machine is set in downtown Los Angeles and is a lesson in local history and landmarks from Grand Central Market to the Coca Cola Bottling Company. The layout of the game uses the city’s streets to explore public art and transportation.

SoCali-Toss-Across asks visitors to make Tic-Tac-Toe by matching color coated sides with local athletes and the city where they are each from.

the Long Beach Grand Putt: This 1 hole putt plays with miniature golf parks and the real tradition of excellence in the sport by local athletes like Babe Didrickson and Tiger Woods.

LA Pins: This easy bowling game integrates a short documentary on the Holiday Bowl, a local bowling alley prized for its ability to create community in the midst of strife like the 1965 and 1992 Riots.

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