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Collections Statement

Since its founding in 2005, the Studio for Southern California History has established an unprecedented identity, with strengths influenced by the local community, supported by a range of holdings that have taken on a distinctive character of the region. The Studio's Collection is an online hypermedia environment that provides visitors with access to electronic reproductions of a growing collection of ephemera relating to Southern California, spanning the period of the 1800s to the present, with an emphasis on daily life as shaped by the rich histories of local residents.

The Studio's Collection is comprised of artifacts in the following range of media:

-Excerpts of oral histories gathered at the Studio for Southern California History
-Photographs gathered in conjunction with the Studio’s programming
-Letters, postcards, and personal correspondence documenting life in the region
-Maps, rare books and publications out of circulation
-Multimedia Projects and Artwork reflecting life in the region

These digital reproductions have been prepared according to technical and scholarly standards, with the cooperation of a number of the major museum, library, and private collections. By eventually incorporating Southern California’s community and history from a cultural and social vantage, with both images and texts organized, interlinked, and searchable in ways that only hypermedia systems will allow, the Studio's Collection will for the first time give residents, scholars, and students access to experiences and evidence of different histories and communities in the region, illustrating how history is written by those who choose to participate in its preservation.

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