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Welcome Letter from the Director

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the Studio for Southern California History. We are dedicated to providing a place for Southern Californians to recover overlooked histories of community and strife. With your contributions, including personal interviews, artifacts and support, the Studio will illuminate how history and culture are made by people and is dependent upon those who choose to preserve and record it.

As we embark upon a new era of social change and technological innovation, the Studio was established to empower the people of Southern California, reminding us all, that the future and the past belong to everyone, for they are what we individually and collectively make of them. Marcel Proust believed “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” and following this, the Studio's approach to the past explicitly offers multiple interpretations, creating new cultural models with relevant and critically compelling stories that challenge mass-mediated representations of Los Angeles. The Studio ultimately hopes to encourage residents to share their vibrant histories with respect to this significantly influential part of our country.

I invite you to frequent the Studio’s website and calendar of forthcoming events. We look forward to your contributions, your stories, your support, and by example, showing other Americans and citizens of the world, that through our actions, our ideals and our efforts, history is of our own making.

Sharon Sekhon
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