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Bob Drwila
Bob Drwila is an Assistant Editor in postproduction television and film. His work in film includes The Kids Are All Right (2010), American Gangster (2008), Memoirs of a Geisha (2005), Black Hawk Down (2001), and Gladiator (2000).

Hillary Jenks
Dr. Hillary Jenks is an Assistant Professor in the Honors Program at Portland State University. Formerly the Managing Editor for The American Quarterly, Hillary Jenks’ research examines the intersections of history, memory, and race within different preservation projects in Little Tokyo. Her work has been featured in The Journal of the West and in the forthcoming anthology Historic Preservation Practice: Reevaluating Cultural Landscapes.

Dona Lawrie
Dr. Lawrie is the Principal of Hollywood Primary School and longterm educator in the Southern California region.

Alexis Moreno
Alexis Moreno is a seasoned activist with roots in Los Angeles' history programming and public policy with experience at the Southern California Library for Social Studies & Research and Occidental College. She is currently a consultant who advises institutions across the Southern California region.

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